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Your Pool Gets Too Cold too soon? Looking for a Heat Solution?

There cannot be enough emphasis on how important it is to keep your pool fresh, healthy, and temperature friendly. Often, pool owners feel challenged to maintain the above conditions, so we are here to provide you with the most effective and reliable pool heating solution. 

No, we are not talking about electricity or gas-run apparatuses. We will install a solar power heating system in your pool to heat it to give you just the right temperature to jump in. The installation and running process of the Sacramento Solar Heating Solution takes a few days from scratch.

The biggest problem pool owners face about installing prominent electricity and gas heating systems is the huge upfront cost of installation. And hundreds of dollars to fuel the system via either gas or electricity monthly and other overhead costs to keep yourself and your family safe from harmful chemicals. 

Do you wish to have an utterly eco-friendly alternative to your pool heating vows? Well, here we are with a completely sustainable and eco-friendly heating solution. 

The installation process is easy, and very little to no maintenance is required. If anything doesn’t work out well, our lifetime warranty program includes unlimited repairs that are too free of cost. What else do you wish to have in your next summer?

Sacramento Solar Panel Pool Heaters

Whether it is your home or workplace, the best and the most efficient way to heat your pool is a solar pool heater. These eco-friendly heaters heat the water stored in the black pipes by collecting and directing the sun’s heat on them. Then the heated water is pumped to the pool to maintain the overall temperature of the pool water above your desired limit. 

Typically, pool enthusiasts enjoy something around 90 degrees-F to enjoy at the pool all around the year.

In simple words, a solar panel pool heater is a unit that utilizes the sun’s heat energy to warm up your pool water. Talking specifically, the following are the three different types of Sacramento CA solar pool heating systems that are available out there:

Directional Solar Pool Heater (Y shaped panels)

It is a solar system fixed on the roof and constitutes a heat exchanger, collectors, pumps, and central controller. It is directional because the Y shape panels track the sun’s movement, thereby allowing maximum heat collection.

Flat Plate Collectors (Flat panels)

The second type of solar panel is flat plate collectors. Made from stainless steel absorber plates inside and aluminum frames outside, these panels are stationary wherever they are placed and can’t change their direction. You can identify these least expensive panels vertically or horizontally at your convenience.

Evacuated Tube Collectors (Tubes)

The third and the most expensive type is the evacuated tube collectors, which use plastic or glass tubes to heat the fluid inside them. Therefore, the system offers the most negligible heat loss and is the most effective and fastest in heating your entire pool water. The only shortcoming this system has is that its tubes can’t be replaced if broken and will require the whole system to be replaced. 

You can access more information about the above solar heating systems, their installation processes, work principles, and more by visiting our website. We also entertain online queries/questions.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Solar Panel Pool Heater?

Living in less than 4 hours of direct sunlight in the states has more cons and pros. Rest aside everything else, where you must be wasting your hundreds of dollars each year is using gas and electricity-powered heating systems to warm up your pool. 

The best, most eco-friendly, and most cost-effective option is to buy a Sacramento solar pool heater today. With all the money you will save, you will also get a much-needed peace of mind to enjoy besides your pool on a fine day.

Does Solar Pool Heaters Save Energy? If Yes, How Much?

The solar pool heaters surely save energy, but it is not that simple an equation to comprehend. Not getting into any technical details and speaking generally, a solar heating option will keep you up to 25%-30% annual heating expenditures. Talking about money, several surveys from pool owners suggest that you can save up to $1000-$1200 each year by switching to our eco-friendly heating alternative. These numbers include both costs of gas/electricity used and the maintenance costs incurred otherwise.

Are Solar Pool Heaters Reliable?

Yes! Solar panel pool heaters aren’t just reliable but work well to save homeowners vast sums of money each year by helping them save valuable energy and live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. Closing the topic, solar heating systems have proven useful and best working for over 50 years!

Solar Pool Heating Companies

Sacramento, CA Solar Panel Heater Installation & Repair

No matter what type of Sacramento solar pool heater repair you have decided to take, you can always approach us for its installation and servicing. Our solar pool heater repair services aren’t just the best in quality but also economical enough to strain your pocket. We pride ourselves on serving Northern California. We strive to outperform all other solar pool heating companies.

How Can I Install A Solar Pool Heater in Sacramento?

Depending on their type and specification, there can be various ways to install solar pool heaters. Following are the three ways our heating solutions can be installed at your place.

  1. The simple way is to install it onto the flat roof directly.
  2. The second way is to install it on the roof at an angle, and this will make sure that the sun’s rays hit directly onto your panels and maximum energy is absorbed.
  3. If you don’t have enough space on the roof or leaks are common at your place, you can try mounting it in your yard with the help of ground mounts.

Our experienced and skilled specialists will make sure that your Sacramento solar pool heating system is appropriately installed in the place of your choice so that it provides uninterrupted service for good long years without a call for repair. For more queries/questions related to the installation process, contact us!

How Much Is the Cost of a Solar Panel Pool Heater?

Several factors come into play when calculating the total cost of a solar pool heater in Sacramento. The most prominent elements are its type and size- the bigger, the better. You can provide us with your requirements and get an exact quote for your solar heating solution.

Solar pool heaters in Sacramento California

The ocean is not just about hops and skips in the winter months. Our swimming pools are sometimes quite cold during the warmer months despite changing weather conditions. But will your pool heater work? Heating pools with solar power is expensive, but it is cheaper to install solar water heaters. If you have lived here in Sacramento for a year or two, you know that the sun is constant every season. Why are solar batteries useless?

Solar Pool Heater Installation in Sacramento

Looking for a solar pool heating system may be overwhelming, mainly because of its different functions and models. The best way to have solar water heaters is to have an expert in their field who is experienced with their job. Can we use a solar pool heater? Many are built with panels that can accommodate several tubes, and its position ensures it absorbs the most solar power every day. Using these pipes, a pump removes sand from your pool, passes that water to a heat exchanger, and returns the water to the collection via the tube.

Extend Your Swim Season!

A pump, typically your existing pool pump, pushes the water through the filter to remove leaf residue and debris. The water is then transferred through Heliocol panels, which have a high heat output. The water is absorbed in the swimming pool and heated at the appropriate temperature. ADVANTAGE HELIOLCOL 5 facts about solar heat pumps. Solar installer Sacramento

The most important thing to remember is that a heat pump will not heat your pool at the speed of light. The best way to use Heliocol Solar Pool Heaters? For example, if it takes two days for your 10,000 square foot pool to reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit on a cloudy day (50 degrees), then heating your pool with a solar pool heater might take up to four days for your pool to reach 90 degrees.

While it can be quite costly, these are perfect for those who have large swimming pools that are used throughout the year. You would probably only use the pool during weekends at this time of the year because temperatures are low enough for air conditioning units.

Solar pool heating

Solar pools are an affordable investment, making it easier for your family to enjoy the pool without gas or electricity. Find out the rest.

Solar power

Generate a source of electricity by installing solar panels. Save on energy costs using solar energy! Find out how.

Sacramento CA solar pool heating solutions

Several solar pool heating companies serve Sacramento. Heat your pool with a solar heater and feel the sun all year long! Click here to learn more about how it works. Heaters installed in Sacramento by Zone Heating & Cooling are designed to give you the best solar pool heating experience. Installed solar pool heaters can extend your swimming season and help you save money!

How do solar energy systems work? Learn more about the benefits of going solar and find out how it works! Solar pool heating installation in Sacramento is done every day. Please find out how it can improve your pool heating experience! We pride ourselves on being Sacramento’s premier solar installer for pools season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to heat a pool in Sacramento?

According to the water temperature setting, the average cost ranges from $1000 up to $3500. It is used for the heat of May to 30th.

How much will a solar heater heat my pool?

Between 76 degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Celsius.